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RadiusOne AR Suite

Credit Risk Application

Ensure faster customer onboarding, lower credit risk and reduced bad debt with real-time credit management
Credit Dashboard

Online Credit Application for faster customer onboarding

Automated credit scoring with in-built credit database for faster credit reviews

Automated correspondence & credit approval workflows for streamlined collaboration

Centralized credit data access to ensure process compliance

Trusted by Finance Teams across the Globe

Automate Your Credit Management Process

Credit Approval

Standardize Credit Assessment with Automation

Enable automated credit scoring based on industry-specific best practices to auto-assign risk score, risk category, and credit limits to streamline the credit process

  • Accurate Credit Decisioning

    Leverage inbuilt credit database, and automate credit decisioning based on best-in-class credit strategy in your industry

  • Automated Periodic Reviews

    Fastrack credit approvals with automated workflows. Streamline periodic reviews with automated credit risk evaluation

Credit Form-1

Ensure Faster Customer Onboarding

Onboard customers faster with accurate credit assessment without the hassle of manual data aggregation, subjective scoring, and paper costs

  • Online Credit Application

    Capture complete credit data with a ready-to-use online credit application template. Automate customer collaboration with ready-to-use email templates for credit acceptance or denial

  • Bank and Trade Reference Validation

    Automate emails to bank and trade contacts submitted by the prospect to collect the reference details digitally

Credit Workflist-2

Lower Bad Debt with Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Stay on top of your customer portfolio with real-time credit risk monitoring and automated reviews to identify and mitigate potential risks

  • Real-Time Credit Risk Alerts

    Get real-time alerts on changes in your customer’s risk ratings, news on bankruptcy and credit information such as credit risk score

  • Alert-Triggered Credit Reviews

    Based on real-time credit risk alerts, enable auto-revision of your customer’s risk category and credit limit

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Credit Risk App Features

  • Online Credit Application

  • Automated Credit Scoring

  • Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

  • Periodic Credit Review Workflows

  • Auto-capture Bank & Trade References

  • Credit Approval Workflows

  • Automated Correspondence

  • Centralized Document Management

  • Credit Health Reporting & Analytics

Online Credit Application

Onboard customers faster with by capturing complete and valid information for new credit applications with an easy-to-use template which can easily integrate with your credit system

Automated Credit Scoring

Enable automated credit scoring with in-built credit database, pre-loaded with models and algorithms configured based on industry-specific best practices, to auto-assign risk score, risk category and credit limits

Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Enable real-time credit alerts for changes in your customer's credit profile, payments profile, and filings. Utilize data-driven decisions from credit reports for automated monitoring

Periodic Credit Review Workflows

Automate periodic credit reviews to stay on top of your customer's credit information. Enable a proactive approach to credit with regular monitoring and re-evaluating your customer's credit limits to boost business

Auto-capture Bank & Trade References

Automatically capture bank references from customer credit applications and automate the bank reference verifications

Credit Approval Workflows

Standardize workflows for credit management to ensure that important credit decisions are approved through the right hierarchy including approvals for new credit applications, and periodic reviews and credit requests for existing customers

Automated Correspondence

Automate customer collaboration via email with easy-to-create correspondence templates for credit events including credit acceptance or denial

Centralized Document Management

Ensure process compliance and standardize credit management process by indexing all credit data and decisions for new applications and current portfolio. Enable informed credit decision with access to credit history

Credit Health Reporting & Analytics

Gain end-to-end process visibility with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track team productivity and key credit metrics including credit utilization, bad-debt and customer onboarding time.

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Faster Credit Reviews

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Faster Customer Onboarding

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Increase In Productivity

Integrated Receivables - Credit Management Cloud

Lower Blocked Order Volume with AI-Based Predictions

Leverage AI to predict blocked orders based on past order volumes and payment patterns and improve credit decisions with AI-based order release recommendations

Multi-language credit applications for onboarding customers globally

Leverage a language-agnostic online credit application to onboard your customers anywhere across the globe. Fast-track credit decisions across geographies and complex internal hierarchies with configurable scoring models and approval workflows

Auto-extract credit data from 40+ credit agencies and bureaus

Extract credit reports, ratings, financials, and credit insurance information from 40+ global and local agencies for more informed credit decisions

Ready To Automate Your Credit Management Process?