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RadiusOne AR Suite

Cash Reconciliation App

Eliminate manual efforts, save time and increase productivity with straight-through cash posting
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Auto-aggregation of remittances across various sources

Automated customer identification and invoice matching

Early dispute identification for faster resolution and recovery

100% savings in lockbox fees with mRDC

Trusted by Finance Teams across the Globe

Automate Your Cash Reconciliation Process

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Automated Remittance Aggregation

Eliminate the hassle of manually aggregating remittances across various sources and formats including check stubs, emails and web-portals

  • OCR for Check Remittances

    Auto capture accurate remittance data from check stubs with AI-based OCR engine and eliminate 100% bank key-in fees

  • Email and Web Remittance capture

    Extract remittance information from email body and attachments including all file formats with an email parsing engine. Aggregate remittance data securely from customer portals via web-bots

Posting To ERP-3

Straight-Through Cash Posting

Fast-track cash accounting and minimize manual intervention with automated invoice matching and faster exception handling

  • Automated Invoice Matching

    Automate payments & remittance linking, customer identification and invoice matching for faster cash accounting

  • Automated Cash Posting

    Apply cash in your ERP accurately with automated customer identification and invoice matching

  • Faster Exception Handling

    Leverage AI-based recommendations for non-invoice reference numbers for faster reconciliation


Minimize Manual Efforts with Advanced Cash Reconciliation

Empower your team to focus on critical downstream processes like Collections by automating cash reconciliation

  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

    Leverage mRDC to scan checks directly from your mobile and eliminate the need for lockboxes

  • Deduction Identification

    Identify deductions at the source based on short-payments or over-payments to enable early resolution and faster recovery

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Cash Reconciliation App Features

  • Check Remittance Aggregation

  • Web Remittance Aggregation

  • Email Remittance Aggregation

  • Invoice Matching

  • Cash Posting into ERP

  • Bank Integration

  • Deduction Identification

  • mRDC

  • Reporting and Analytics

Check Remittance Aggregation

Auto capture remittance from check stubs with template-agnostic technology

Web Remittance Aggregation

Leverage web robots to log in, navigate, and capture remittance information from customer portals and popular Accounts Payable networks with the help of Robot Processing Automation

Email Remittance Aggregation

Auto-capture remittance information from multiple sources to save time spent on remittance gathering

Invoice Matching

Achieve zero-touch, straight-through cash posting to the ERP with AI-powered invoice matching and minimal exception

Cash Posting into ERP

Reduce manual intervention and enable faster resolution and recovery with straight-through cash posting into ERP

Bank Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your bank for easy access to customer payments and account-related data such as bank statements and account balances

Deduction Identification

Identify deductions at the source based on short-payments or over-payments to enable early resolution and faster recovery


Enable Mobile Deposit Capture (mRDC) to capture check payments and remittance accurately from office or field agents via RDC scanner or mobile app for same-day cash posting

Reporting and Analytics

Gain end-to-end process visibility with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track team productivity and key metrics.

Success Stories and Testimonials

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Reduction In Bad Debt

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Cash Automatically Applied

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Reduced Aging

Integrated Receivables - Cash Application Cloud

Automatically predict missing remittances

Leverage AI to predict invoices as potential remittances and automatically link predicted remittances to payments

Resolve check remittance-based exceptions faster with AI

Enhance check image quality by removing any possible noise. Accurately suggest reference numbers to resolve exceptions faster

Capture AI-based recommendations for customer master data maintenance

Reduce the manual effort required for regular customer master data maintenance through AI-based recommendations on alternate payers, payer name, bank details

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