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Month-End A/R Assessment Tool – Days Sales Outstanding Calculator

Ready to Use Excel Template for Finance Leaders

CFOs across the business spectrum agree – Cash is king and oxygen for any business in today’s day and age. Days Sales Outstanding, or DSO, is a metric that provides an insight into cash flow or liquidity of a business – in essence, how much cash does your business have.

As mid-sized businesses often rely on cash for operational needs, driving revenue growth via sales and attracting investment opportunities, DSO could be a key metric to track cash inflow in order to fund and channel multiple initiatives. It refers to the average number of days for a business to collect payment from a credit sale, providing an overview of how fast your cash conversion cycle is.

This excel-based DSO calculator helps you assess your current DSO and provides additional insights about the Best Possible Days Sales Outstanding based on the industry-level benchmarking. It also showcases potential savings that could be achieved with the reduction of Days Sales Outstanding.

What’s Inside?

  1. Templates for monthly/annual calculation of DSO
  2. Industry-based average and Best Possible DSO(BSO) insights
  3. Effective trend report suggesting the Collections Effectiveness in A/R
  4. Average savings calculation based on DSO reduction
  5. 13 tried and tested tips to reduce DSO

Calculate your DSO using this excel template in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the excel template
  2. Fill out the basic information required within 5 mins
  3. Check out the results
  4. Improve DSO with strategies implemented by Fortune 500 countries

Visibility into the effectiveness of A/R (accounts receivables) is understandably one of the top priorities of CFOs across mid-sized companies today. This excel-based DSO calculator not only makes the calculation easy but provides additional industry-level benchmarking information to help finance leaders assess their process and effectiveness and formulate an action plan to reduce DSO and improve cash flow.

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